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Showcase your creative work

100% free to use, Mixiply is a creator-designed platform for making and sharing art, digital projects and code.

Tools for your creative projects

🗃️ Each free Mixiply account has 1GB of storage - keep all your images, 3D models, audio and video files in one place

🎨 Rich, flexible content creation helps you build and document your portfolio of work

📓 Built-in journalling captures all activity on your projects for quick annotation and reflections

⚡️ Learn to create and code with quick-start templates and tutorials

Share your work with others

💬 Create public or private groups where you can share assets and projects, chat and collaborate

➡️ Invite others to collaborate - add them as an editor to your project

Enhance the experience with Mixiply apps

🥽 Experience your work in 3D, augmented and virtual reality using the Mixiply mobile app

👩‍💻 If you're coding, use the Mixiply desktop app to code and debug

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