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We have a range of projects that give a great introduction to what can be achieved on Mixiply and tutorials that can take you through creating an augmented reality project.


Getting started
This tutorial takes you through all of the tools available in Mixiply that you could use when building your own AR projects.

Game coding tutorial
This is a step by step tutorial on how to code a basic game in Mixiply.

Make a game
Create an AR game and learn about some of Mixiply's coding concepts.

Demo projects

3D painter
Paint in 3D!

3D explorer
Find surface in the real world and place virtual objects on them.

Fish shooting
Shoot fish at floating spheres.

Showing the relative difference of gravity and orbit rotation between the plants of the solar system.

Kiwi Clicker
Biscuit Clicker but with kiwifruit.

Voxel builder
Place textured blocks in 3D space. Use your imagination to create your own 3D world placed in the real world.

Balloon puncher
Create the balloons, punch the balloons.

Space invaders
Play space invaders in 3D.

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