Invite members to your group

Now that you have made a new group, you might want to add some other people to share and collaborate with.

Click on the 'Members' tab.

Click 'Invite new member'.

Enter the person's Mixiply nickname and choose the role you want them to have in the group.

There are 3 roles a group member can have:


  • Admin have full group access. They can change the group settings, and edit the group members.


  • Contributors are able to add their projects to the group, but can't make changes to the group itself.


  • Viewers are only able to view the projects that others have added to the group. They can't add their own projects or make changes to the group itself.

Click 'Invite' to send an invitation to the user.

The people you have invited will appear as 'pending' until they accept or decline the group invitation. You can cancel the invitation by clicking the cancel icon.

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