Writing a post or reply

There are a range of features you can use when writing a post.


You can change the size of the text using the text type drop-down menu as well as the buttons to create bold, italic or underlined text.


You can add images to your posts by clicking the image button. Resize it by clicking on the image and dragging one of the corner boxes.


You can add code to your posts by clicking the code button. Clicking will turn the line you are on into a code box that will expand as you type. You can also create a code box by highlighting multiple lines and clicking the code button.

Emojis and mentions

You can add emojis and mention group members in your posts by clicking the buttons below the text area.

To mention someone, you can select their profile from the list or type their Mixiply nickname into the text field. They will get a notification once you have clicked 'Post'.

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