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The best way to Mixiply is just to get stuck in and start working on a project.

  1. Create a free Mixiply account
  2. Jump in and start creating

➡️ We've compiled a list of projects and tutorials you can work through to get started.

What is a project?

  • A project is a place where you can share and describe your digital work.
  • Start from scratch or use an existing template.
  • Projects can use code, digital content or a mixture of both.
  • Add 3D models, digital art, audio, code, documentation snippets to your project.
  • You can also embed work from other sources like Scratch and Replit. Here's an example:

3D models

  • When you add a 3D model you can view and interact with the model as well as launch in VR using a Virtual Reality headset
  • If you've created some content in Mixiply you can view it in VR using the mobile app.

➡️ Learn more about 3D models with our Model making basics


Assets are the files you use in your projects. You can upload 3D model, audio, image, script and data files.

Where to get help

Mixiply apps

📲 Download our mobile app to view projects and play games in augmented reality

💻 We also have desktop apps. You can use this if you don't have access to a suitable mobile device

Sharing your work

Use project sharing settings to control how your work is shared - public, private or with one or more of your groups.

Use Groups to share and collaborate with a range of people.

Posts allow you to chat and collaborate with other group members.

Create your free Mixiply account to start creating

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