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Project templates

Project templates allow you to create re-usable and user-editable starter projects for your learners. Use templates to give a set of instructions, a project brief or assessment task, and provide the structure for a creative digital response from your learners. Templates can be anything from starter ideas through to fully working games and apps.

Check out our tutorial video below for a step-by-step guide.

Create a template

1. Create a project

To create a template, you first need to create a project - click the Create button at the top of any page in Mixiply. More info:

2. Turn it into a template

To turn your project into a template, go to project settings and click + Template at the bottom of the screen. This will add a template tab to the project.

3. Add a brief/instructions

From the template tab, you can add project info, details and a template content tab for your project brief/instructions for learners - see video below for details.

4. Set up the project tab

The project tab is where learners can showcase their project, and respond to any prompts or questions. When a learner creates a project from your template, their project page will contain anything you've put on your project page. See video below for details.

Publishing templates

To publish your template, go to the Sharing tab and select Public to add your template to the Mixiply public gallery.

Mixiply templates: a video guide

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