The story behind it c: (~ happy ~ )

This is inspired by a Chinese mythology around mid-autumn (around spring in NZ), When Huo-yi shoots down 6 suns so that there is only one sun left, he got two pills from the Mystic Realm. If you eat one, you become immortal,if you eat two, you fly up to the moon. He left these to his wife to keep safe.A group of bandits heard about the pills and decided to steal them. Chang-e, his wife, had no choice but to eat both of them. The Bandits watched as Chang-e flew up to the moon, forever gone. She was punished, to stay on the moon forever, with only one Jade Rabbit for company. Huo-Yi later found out and cried and cried. Some people like to believe that, the rabbits were making the moon cakes that they ate. (And the rover, The yutu(玉兔) is the jade rabbit, who pounds a mortar and pestle . She later escapes to earth and Chang'e brings her back to the moon in 西遊記 (Journey to the West) right before Sun Wukong defeats her.)

How to draw these:

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